BPLS-F series
Filter 8000 - 10000 - 12000 m³
TypeCapacity (m3/h)Engine (kW)Fan pressure (Pa)Filter Surface (m2)Number of Filter (Adet-Pcs.)A (mm)B (mm)H (mm)Ø D (mm)x (mm)y (mm)Weight (KGs)
BPLS-F 800080007.52300133.0143004151421904009001419925
BPLS-F 100001000011.02600152.01633821514219040090014191020
BPLS-F 120001200015.02850171.01836301514219040090014191160
  • Specifically designed for extraction and filtration of dust, fume and smoke generated during plasma, laser and OXY cutting operations.
  • Ready-to-operate with filters, integrated fan and automatic jet pulse cleaning.
  • Availability of placing filter unit adjacent to corners and walls – Saves space on production ground.
  • Low Sound Level ≤70dB(A)